Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back into the gym

Today's workout: 3o min. on the elliptical and 1 hour of turbo kick.

If you've ever been to turbo kick before, you know that learning a new round for the first time can make you look like you are jumping around with ants in your pants. I tried my best, but i'm sure I looked quite embarrassing especially since everyone else looked like they've done the routine a million times.

I'm a few days late but Santa Mommy was very good to me this year.

Some lovely wunder unders from Lululemon. Mine are purple on the top

This beauty. Now I just have to get to Bloomingdales to get a few links taken out.

My sister also got me a top from Lulu and Mama gave me some shopping cash as well that I will probably blow at Lululemon in the near future. I dream at night of scuba jackets.

It's been nice being in Napa for the holidays. I get to be around my family, good friends, eat, drink and be merry at places like Morimotos and Rutherford grill. Oh, and it's not a bad looking place either.
If it isn't raining tomorrow I'm hoping to go for a 9 mile ish run. The longest run I've done so far during my training is only about 6.5 miles. I did 8 miles the other day but it was split into 2 parts. I already picked out my route and clothes so i'm hoping the weather cooperates. I've run in the rain before but last time I did it I was on base in Germany on one of their "running trails" and I ended up getting lost in the woods, stuck and mangled in a blackberry bush and soaking wet so i'm still a little hesitant to run in the rain. Maybe I should just be hesitant to run new running trails that take you into the woods and then abruptly and rudely stop.

I'm now going to attempt to get off the couch, I've been here for quite some time now after I took my post gym shower. I atleast have that accomplished. Maybe i'll be a nice daughter and do some cleaning and take the dog on a walk.

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