Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday four mile fun run

My speedy sister Linzay and I went on a 4.5ish mile run this morning in Balboa park. By the time we got over there around 10am it was already around 83 and it was hot hot hot to be running in. Apparently I am no longer allowed to run with music because I head phones would not work and I really didn't want to carry my iphone around with me like a boom box playing my favorite jams. Before we ran back to the car Linzay and I took some sweet jumping pictures.

Happy Friday! Since I don't have a job right now, Fridays are just the same as any other day but they still make me happy and excited for the weekend!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mile 10, let's do it again, mile 10 let's do it agian!

4.5 miles outside with my sister

I was hesitant at first to do a recap of the Carlsbad half marathon since I was so disappointed in how I did, but regardless, I finished and I guess we are all bound to have bad races here and there.sitting in the car before the race

Morning of I had a cliff bar and a piece of toast for breakfast and coffee. I was feeling good and wasn't nervous at all. We got to Carlsbad without any problems, went to the bathroom, sat in the car a little bit longer and then walked to the start line. My sister, Christine, Dave and Brett all went to wave 2 while Katie and I walked back to wave 3 so that we could hang out with the 2 hour pacer. Right before the start line I turned on my ipod and it froze. Great, but I can restart it, right? Wrong, my ipod buttons don't always work, today included so away it went in my pocket and I was just going to have to sing out loud and ponder silently for 13.1 miles, super duper. Since it was right before the start it kind of threw me off and messed with my concentration.

For the first 3.5 miles I had a steady pace of about 9:05 and stuck with Katie and the pacer. I was bored out of my mind though and already wanted to quit, I could also feel blisters forming on the arches of my feet.

At mile 4 I decided to slow down and leave the pacer and Katie because mentally I just wasn't feeling it. Mile 5 and 6 I didn't see the markers but I had turned back to the finish so I knew I was at least half way. I was getting really tired at this point and my pace was getting slower and slower. I was drinking water at about every station, I tried the ultima energy drink they had but it was absolutely disgusting so I stuck to water after one sip of that.

Finally I hit mile 7, I was still going pretty slow, but I was a little happier since I was over half way.

Mile 8 there was a pretty big hill, there was actually some more hills before this that really surprised me since the website had said it was supposed to be flat, not so much. I actually walked a few times, unheard of for me during running. Granted it was only about 10 seconds at a time but I literally had NO motivation at the time.

Miles 9, 10, 11, 12 went by fairly fast considering my snail pace. The 2:10 and 2:20 pacer had passed me at this point and I knew there was no way I was going to PR from my first race. I was so disappointed and was being really negative, bad I know. My favorite part of the whole race was when at mile 10 two guys behind me starting screaming " Mile 10, let's do it again" over and over. That sorta pumped me up, but I was still dying. The mental factor really takes a toll on your body.

Finally I hit mile 12 and I knew I could do 1.1 more miles. I wish I could say I sprinted that last mile, but mentally I had already given up and no longer cared about my time, I just wanted to finish, whether it was going to be sooner or later, later in my case.

I saw the finish line and picked up my pace.

Final time 2:35:07 11:50 pace blahhhh

my 6.6 split was 1:08:32 10:23 pace

Oh well, at least I didn't quit. I am definitely going to have to work on not being so hard on myself because there is NO WAY I am going to finish the San Diego Rock and Roll full marathon in June with that attitude. I could blame my poor performance on the no music thing, which was a factor, but it was mostly me being so negative the whole time.

After the race I picked up my free bag of food and then went to find my sister and friends so we could head to pizza port for pizza and beer!! BTW my sister did amazing and finished in 1:48:52 woo hoo!! She is way to speedy for me. I try to run with her but I can never keep up. Maybe in a few months. I'm picking up my running big time so that I can dominate the full marathon in June, let the fun begin!

finisher medal and really cool race shirt. picture is from I was too lazy to go get my stuff and take a picture. SR ran the race too but is way to fast for me so I never saw her.

post race fiesta at pizza port

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


i've obviously neglected the blog big time. whoops. I've been wanting to switch over to wordpress and get a new url since I am no longer in Europe, I haven't been able to think of anything catchy yet though

Some highlights of San Diego so far

1. Ran Carlsbad half marathon, didn't do as well as I wanted, my ipod froze right before the startline, it was fab.. not

2. Got this amazing blood blister from the race, my sister says it look like ahi tuna, ew

3. Bought these sweet new running shoes so that I wont be getting any hideous blisters again any time soon

4. Got my second parking ticket of the month, sweet, I love throwing away money

5. Speaking of throwing away, my dumb half broken ipod got thrown away, luckily it was still there when i went dumpster diving.

6. I was able to go to my sister class at the SDSU gym she teaches, it was a tough class, I was definitely sweating!

More to come soon!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Words with friends and biking

7 (again easy) miles on the bike
20 min abs

I have a goal to do more ab work from now on. I hate doing it and I never do. Even if I just start doing a few more planks a week i'll be happy. No pain in my quad in the past few day! Yay! The whole time while I was on the bike i just played word with friends on my phone, time flew by. It was great. Besides the fact that all my words sucked and were about 14 points each.

Meet my wonderful mama Cooky.

We went out to dinner tonight since I am driving down to San Diego tomorrow and I'll be gone at least a week, she's sad so we had a little date.

I had this yummy, yummy salad.

I have still yet to pack, but tomorrow morning bright and early I will be heading to sunny San Diego for my race Sunday and to see my sister Linzay! I can't wait for the sun, beach, lots of college friends and all around fun! I may never come back to Napa. Maybe someone will magically offer me a job while i'm there. Ya...right.. like that would happen. However, the 9 hours of driving by myself isn't going to be too lovely. I need a driver.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You are my sunshine

5 super easy miles on the bike
15 min abs
15 min chest and triceps
15 min walk with Lucy

The sun is shining in Napa and it is a gorgeous day and ALL I WANT TO DO IS GO ON A RUN. But I can't. Even my walk with Lucy made my quad dull up with pain. :( My workout at the gym was pretty lame and I may go back later to do some more abs and because I just like being at the gym.
Lucy always looks so strange after coming home from the groomer, at least she doesn't smell anymore. We met a nice Black lab named Marty on our walk. I need to start walking the dog more often, maybe I can meet single men that way.

Off to go ice then pack for sunny San Diego! Yippie!

On the floor

Workout (yesterday)
8.75 miles bike
20 min treadmill ( walking on incline)
15 min weights back and biceps
15 min elliptical
plus a whole lot of time stretching

So most of my work out yesterday was spent on the floor stretching. Super lame. Before I got the flu my left was quadriceps was bothering me time to time when I ran. I took it easy and even gave it some rest from running despite my training. It got another about 4 days of rest too when I got the flu. I've been stretching lots, yadda yadda yadda but right when I started to run on the treadmill yesterday it starts to hurt again. It's not a sharp pain but dull and doesn't seem to go away.

After doing some research it looks like I may have my first ever injury. :( Google suggests that I have a quadricep strain. Runners often get them because they are over using their calves. So I've been stretching, icing, resting and praying it doesn't hurt come Sunday because i'm sorta supposed to run 13.1 miles.

I'm going to try to stick to biking the next few days, maybe try to throw in a few miles but lots of stretching and icing too. If I really do have a strain rest is supposed to be the main cure, so im hoping that I can 80% rest now and then 100% rest after the rest and still be okay.

I just dropped little Lucy loo loo off at the groomer, hopefully she'll come back nice and pretty and smelling nice!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Maybe I should have gotten a flu shot

No running or anything for me the last few days. I've caught the flu bug. It's been horrible. I don't even think I have even had the flu since I was like 10. 1 week till my race in Carlsbad.

Be back soon.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dear nike plus, we're over.

Workout: 11 miles? 12 miles? No clue exactly, about an hour and 50 min though.

Today during my run I almost threw my ipod and smashed in into the road. My nike plus and/or ipod wasn't really working. I had been running quite some time now and was waiting for my favorite part, when nike plus lady says, "half way point" well it never came, I finally looked at my ipod, I was already at mile 6, past half way point, oh well. Next, while my ipod was locked, my workout kept getting paused, then resumed, irritating to say the least. I finally had to give up, turn it off and just time the rest of my run and estimate the miles, I'm thinking I did around 11.5. Longest run in quite some time now and it was be my longest before my race. I'm feeling really good about this race and hoping I can finish around 2 hours or less. Back to Nike plus, I need to get a job so I can buy a garmin. I won't even talk about the time nike plus thought I was an Ethiopian running 4:47 miles for 10 miles straight.

I promise I'll have a post with pictures soon. I should have took a picture after me running today. I had mascara running down my face from my eyes watering from the cold and my jacket sleeves had snot all over them. Super gross. This is how I know I am starting to know I am getting serious about my running. I will go out into public looking haggard and probably like i'm dying just to get in a long run.

I had sushi today for the first time in so long, like 4 months, sushi didn't exist in Europe. I really like the healthy rolls. Ones that include cream cheese, avocado, fried, or spicy are my favs. YUM

Do you like sushi? Favorite kind?

I don't see how people can hate sushi, it's just so yummy!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011

Workout: 3 miles 27 min

Is it really already the new year and I have yet to post anything? My New Years was alright, I have never have been a fan of the holiday. Too overrated and too much hoopla. Anyways, I should have stayed home. At least I didn't spend a dime.

New year, same old story. The gym is packed. I have to push and shove to get a treadmill. It looks like I will be sticking to spin, turbo and power and do my running outside. Speaking of running, tomorrow I am going to go for my last long run before the race on the 23rd. I am going to shoot for at least 11. Hopefully the leg pain I was feeling today during my run won't return.

Last night I got together with some friends from high school for a girls night. We got some drinks and hopped around downtown Napa. It was a good time, were hoping to make it a weekly thing since all of us are unemployed, pretty pathetic. I worked on my resume yesterday though and it's looking pretty amazing thanks to the help of a very nice man I met on the wine train last year.

Off to watch Grey's! :)