Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011

Workout: 3 miles 27 min

Is it really already the new year and I have yet to post anything? My New Years was alright, I have never have been a fan of the holiday. Too overrated and too much hoopla. Anyways, I should have stayed home. At least I didn't spend a dime.

New year, same old story. The gym is packed. I have to push and shove to get a treadmill. It looks like I will be sticking to spin, turbo and power and do my running outside. Speaking of running, tomorrow I am going to go for my last long run before the race on the 23rd. I am going to shoot for at least 11. Hopefully the leg pain I was feeling today during my run won't return.

Last night I got together with some friends from high school for a girls night. We got some drinks and hopped around downtown Napa. It was a good time, were hoping to make it a weekly thing since all of us are unemployed, pretty pathetic. I worked on my resume yesterday though and it's looking pretty amazing thanks to the help of a very nice man I met on the wine train last year.

Off to watch Grey's! :)

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