Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am a college graduate!

It is official, this past Saturday I crossed the stage and received my diploma (well, diploma holder, my diploma will come in the mail later) It was exciting at first but after waiting almost 3 hours, we were all more than bored. My major was of course last, but it was a fun experience to say the least! It was great to have all my family in San Diego to celebrate. Being the poor college student I am it was also nice going out to dinner, staying on nice hotels and having my mom pay for everything!(Thanks Mama!) On Sunday my Mom, Aunt, Linzay and I all stayed at Loews resort in Coronado, it was really nice, both of our rooms has ocean views! I wish I would have taken some pictures!

It is such a relief now not having to write anymore papers or study. I love being able to sleep in and then go to the gym for a few hours before work. Unfortunately now I am focusing on packing since I will be moving to Napa in a few days. We were supposed to go to Disneyland this week and Vegas this weekend but neither worked out, so Linzay and I are driving home this Saturday to move me home for summer! It feels really weird to be packing up all my stuff in San Diego, but it's all exciting because that means Germany is getting closer (86 days!) I'm just so excited to relax, work out and save money this summer! It will also be nice working at the pool again, I can't wait to be tan!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Finals week

Finals week is in full force. Normally it is one of my least favorite weeks of the semester due to the lack of sleep, over caffeinated self, and endless studying, but this week is bittersweet since it is my last finals week ever. I actually started to cry about this yesterday after I saw the SDSU sign that read "SDSU class of 2010 10,000 strong". Pretty pathetic, I know. I was soon put in a good mood when Linzay and I attended the school sponsored study break last night which consisted of free snacks, free hot breakfast, a DJ, and a raffle! We love free food and Linzay even won a $45 best buy gift card! I didn't win anything but got 3 loafs of leftover bread from the breakfast which is pretty cool if you ask me! So far i've had 3 finals, I have 2 more next week and 2 papers due. I'll be done on Wednesday and graduation is Saturday! I can't believe how close it is!! Im so excited to see all my family and celebrate. I'm even more excited for the even bigger celebration that will take place in Vegas the following weekend! Wish me luck on the rest of my finals!

(And there are only 99 days to Germany, yippie!!!)