Saturday, December 4, 2010

Adventures on Ramstein AFB

Today I woke up a little later than expected. I had a little too much fun celebrating Friday last night. We were supposed to take the train to Frankfurt for the Christmas market, but Liz and I decided to stay home. Maybe we'll go tomorrow. It's supposed to snow and be practically 0 degrees, so we'll see.

Our day ended up being pretty eventful. Please excuse my gross appearance, I didn't shower this morning. Oops.

First we went to Macaroni grill for a nice meal.
Next we took some pictures of big planes.

Then we enjoyed latte's at the E-club.
Did some gambling, I even won 1o bucks! And yes, there is a casino on base.

Next stop...Commissary. We got yummy sandwiches, this is a 1/4 sandwhich. You can also get a 1/2 or a whole. Ridic. I should also mention that this only costs $3

I'm going to miss this place, not the snow though. Living where it snows is not fun. The other day I slipped and fell walking to work. I'm surprised I didn't break anything. Donations of snow boots would be greatly appreciated. My vans just aren't cutting it.

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  1. O.M.G that sandwich is HUGE. A whole would feed an army, or air force I guess. :-P