Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home for the Holidays

That's right, I am BACK. Back in the fabulous United States that is. I arrived in Napa last night around 8ish after a zoo-ish of a 11 and a half hour flight. I could have been in the cargo area though, I was just so happy to be getting home. I'm pretty I cried a little when we landed because I was so happy, the non-english speaking family sitting next me probably thought I was a little crazy. They also gave me a strange look when I pulled out a little airport bottle of vodka out of my purse to put in my bloody mary mix. Oops, I had extra euro change and needed to calm my nerves. Don't judge me.

Already I have been to In n out, Target, and Trader Joe's, just a few of my favorite places. Being back has been great, just a little overwhelming. And my driving skills arn't really up to par after not driving for 3 months. I may need to brush up on those skills. My sister has already banned me from driving while she's here.

The jet lag has been awful. I was up at 6:30 this morning, wide awake. And now its only 5 and I can barely stay awake. This 9 hour time difference is killing me.

After all the traveling chaos I almost forgot Christmas is in just a few days. I'm excited :)

Now if only I knew what to do with my life now.... We'll get that figured out, maybe next year?

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