Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

If you havn't figured it out by now, I kind of suck at updating my blog. I have excuses though, don't worry.

1. I work 40 hours a week (yes, I know most people do, but I'm just getting used to it)
2. I travel out of the country every weekend (I bet you don't do that, now do ya?)
3. I spend way too much time on facebook (um, ya, no comment)
4. I spend any extra minute in my day trying to get a run in, which is hard enough.

Enough excuses for now. Snow has arrived in Germany. We heard many rumors over the weekend in Barcelona that it has been snowing like crazy while we were gone. I found it hard to believe, even harder when I arrived home and saw, well no snow. Apparently it had melted, sure. But, sure enough the next morning when I left the house at the god awful hour of 06:00 (I switched to the morning shift, at least I get off by 15:00 now) the ground was COVERED in snow. At first it was super magical and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside but then reality set it, I almost slipped and died and it was no where near warm, more in the neighborhood of 15 degrees. Did I mention I have to walk to work? Yes, in the snow. But don't worry it's only up hill one way.

Rewinding a little bit, Thanksgiving in Barcelona was absolutely amazing. I couldn't say one of the best because I had to spend it sans my family. I missed them dearly and can't wait to make up for it during Christmas. On the menu for Thanksgiving dinner was tapas, paella, and cheap luke warm wine. Not exactly the best food, but the location made up for it. Everything about Barcelona is fabulous. They take siesta's (naps) daily, party till 6 in the morning, the weather is gorgeous (it was sunny and in the high 50's when we were there) and everything you see looks like something out of a fairy tale. One of my favorite things we saw in Bcn was the magic fountain show. It's kinda like the Bellagio water show is Vegas but way better. They even played "my heart will go on" during one of the shows. I'm pretty sure I cried a little. Our hostel was great, no one got mugged and we got to stay 3 full days compared to our normal 24 hours.

I only have 16 more days left in Europe. Ridiculous. On the itinerary for the next few weeks, homework, lets be serious though, not, Christmas market in Frankfurt, possibly Belgium depending on the weather and that pretty much brings me to December 18th where I will have to endure another 24 hours or so traveling across the Atlantic, yay me.

One last thing, I would like to request that everyone does a little snow dance for me so that it snows ridiculous amounts and the CDC will have to close. I need atleast 1 snow day in my life, we didn't get to experience those in California. Poor us, I know.

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  1. It sounds like you're having an amazing time, Lacey! Take care! -Evan