Saturday, February 5, 2011

"this aircraft is equiped with four emergency exits..."

These words and other like vocabulary will hopefully be in my near future! In my recent job search I decided to mix it up and apply to a few flight attendant jobs. Well, after a quick phone interview I was offered a face to face interview next month as a flight attendant! I am super excited and really hope I get the job! I am confident that I will get it and that it will be a career I will be very happy in.
This was taken at Wine Steals in San Diego, we were celebrating my sister's roommate Matt getting a new job and I was super excited about my interview. Please excuse my lack of make up haha

I am back to Napa now after two weeks of loveliness in southern California. I will miss my sister and the warm beach weather. Now I am back to the life of running, sleeping and unemployment (but hopefully not for long.

Today I went to bootcamp and ran 5 miles, it is a lovely day out.

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  1. I'm glad you found my blog! Be sure to check out the ones I follow....there are a LOT of Flight Attendant Bloggers out there.

    Good luck with your interview & remember that this industry will suck you in. It's a lifestyle get paid very little in the beginning & it's not as glamorous as TV & movies. But its a job that few of us want to quit...despite the 12-14hr duty days and low wages.