Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good for you

I have yet to get my run on yet today. It is looking mighty freezing out right now so I am waiting till it warms up into the 50's or so. Yes, I am a wienie, I know. (Plus, Regis and Kelly is on and how could I say no to that?)

So in Napa there isn't too many exciting places to run.  A few weeks ago I starting running along the river trail that is right by my house.  It's 1.2 miles long so it does get kind of boring after running back and forth for an hour. I think I'm going to start doing my longer runs once a week somewhere else.  Other than the boring-ness it's great! I don't have to worry about crossing traffic, mapping out a route before hand and there is no way I can get lost on my way home (It has happened before, oops). And I know exactly how far I ran! 

Not too many run this river trail, mostly walkers! The other day I passed this women in the start of my run, then turned around passed her again, turned around and passed her again. On the third time she looked at me very impressed and said, "good for you!"  I couldn't help but smile and say thank you! But she's right! Good for me! Hey, I may not be the fastest runner, but not many of my friends ran an 8 miler the other day or are able to say they logged 30 miles last week. I also love that I am able to see the same smiling walkers as I run back and forth.  Yesterday these two cute old lady's yelled they loved my pink shirt and they would say "There she goes" every time I ran by them. It was cute.

Right now I am really loving running. I really feel like I am finally becoming dedicated and it is paying off big time.  It also makes me look and feel great. I often find myself running and smiling now. The river trail people probably think i'm some sort of crazy.  I didn't mention earlier the people who look at me like, "how have you past me 3 times and I havn't walked the trail once...what's wrong with you?" I smile at them too!

I need to bring my camera this week so I can show you my happy running place.  For now though here is a picture I found on the internet. I think this from a few years ago when they just contructed it, becuase it does not look near this nice in person.

Funny side note, actually not funny at all. A while back ago a homeless man stabbed someone on the river trail. So please pray I never get stabbed by a homeless man while running. I wouldn't like that.

Also, today is my sister's first day at her new job! She is super excited, but a little nervous, so go wish her good luck!

She is also featured as SkinnyRunner's cat lady blogger today so go check that out! Woo hoo Linzay!

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