Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dear nike plus, we're over.

Workout: 11 miles? 12 miles? No clue exactly, about an hour and 50 min though.

Today during my run I almost threw my ipod and smashed in into the road. My nike plus and/or ipod wasn't really working. I had been running quite some time now and was waiting for my favorite part, when nike plus lady says, "half way point" well it never came, I finally looked at my ipod, I was already at mile 6, past half way point, oh well. Next, while my ipod was locked, my workout kept getting paused, then resumed, irritating to say the least. I finally had to give up, turn it off and just time the rest of my run and estimate the miles, I'm thinking I did around 11.5. Longest run in quite some time now and it was be my longest before my race. I'm feeling really good about this race and hoping I can finish around 2 hours or less. Back to Nike plus, I need to get a job so I can buy a garmin. I won't even talk about the time nike plus thought I was an Ethiopian running 4:47 miles for 10 miles straight.

I promise I'll have a post with pictures soon. I should have took a picture after me running today. I had mascara running down my face from my eyes watering from the cold and my jacket sleeves had snot all over them. Super gross. This is how I know I am starting to know I am getting serious about my running. I will go out into public looking haggard and probably like i'm dying just to get in a long run.

I had sushi today for the first time in so long, like 4 months, sushi didn't exist in Europe. I really like the healthy rolls. Ones that include cream cheese, avocado, fried, or spicy are my favs. YUM

Do you like sushi? Favorite kind?

I don't see how people can hate sushi, it's just so yummy!!

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