Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unemployed no more!

I apologize for the delay in my good news, but on Monday I was offered a job with a great airline as a flight attendant!!! I couldn't be more excited for this great opportunity! It's hard to believe that it has almost already been a year since I graduated from college, spending 4 months in Europe definitely made the time fly by! The last few months of unemployment have been relaxing, but BORING! I can't wait to be busy again and meeting lots of new people. Training starts April 25th in San Francisco.  There is even a 4 mile bay loop trail right across the street from headquarters! How cool is that. I can't start slacking on my marathon training now. I think buying a garmin for myself is an appropriate way to celebrate the new job... and maybe some lululemon too!

Time to start adding in extra work outs so I'll be in tip top shape for my uniform fitting! Now if only I could fast forward to April 25th. Until then I guess it will be long days of running, shopping and laying out in the sun to get a little color!

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