Monday, April 18, 2011

Long run sorrows on tax day

View from my run today

Today turned out to be a pretty sucky day. I accidentally slept in late and didn't get started on my 16 mile run till 11:30, luckily it was cloudy and still cool outside.  This is the longest I have ever attempted and I was SO excited to do it now that I own a beautiful Garmin forerunner 110! Unfortunately my knees, which never bother me started to KILL me around mile 11, also I could feel that terrible blisters had formed between my big and second toe and it really hurt.  Finally I couldn't take it anymore and started walking at mile 14. Not sure if that was a good choice because then I chose to walk the last 2 miles home barefoot since my blisters hurt so bad! Hopefully my 18 mile run next Sunday won't be as painful!
I did some damage at the roadrunner online store

I am in love with my new Garmin

Of course when I got home I remembered that taxes were due today and I had forgotten to mail in my check, so I quickly got that together and made it to the post office at 4:45. Just cutting it a little close...geez.  Running up and down stairs is not exactly my ideal post long run activity. I prefer my usual ice bath. After the post office though I was able to foam roll and ice my knees and now I feel much much better.

The good part of today though is that I am exactly 1 week away from starting training with my new job at Virgin America! I am beyond excited! I'm going to be living with another girl going to training in San Francisco. I can't wait to start this new chapter in my life!

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