Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bursting with excitment

I can barely hold my excitement in. My flight attendant interview went AMAZING! I literally had over a month to prepare for it and I did everything I could think of to prepare. You know, stalk people on fb that have the job, go shopping, make flash cards like a loser and talk about it 24/7 to anyone who has a set of ears. Thank you thank you to everyone who said I would be perfect for the job and would do great, I totally think you're right! :) There were about 22 other people at the interview. We started off with a fun ice breaker/ team building activity, then they did a presentation on the company, the job, the perk, and what not (the company is amazing btw, I am in love) and we ended with a one on one session with one of the recruiters.  I was hardly nervous during my one on one because I felt so happy and every single question they asked was one I had prepared for and rehearsed a million times.  It took about 4 hours total and I don't think I ever stopped smiling. Now all I can do it wait, I should hear something in a week or 2. Keep your fingers crossed! But who I am kidding, I got this one in the bag! hehe

After my interview.

In running news, I signed up for another marathon, even though I havn't even run one!  I couldn't say no though to running the Las Vegas strip at night, I love Las Vegas and I have been needing an excuse to go too. My sister signed up too so it will be a fun trip. The only thing is that the full has a 4:30 time limit, so it looks like I need to turn up my speed workouts because I WILL be finishing in under 4:30!

My nice and super speedy marathon runner friend Rebekah sent me over an amazing training plan for the marathon in June. I can't wait to start it tomorrow! I am going to try to a sub 4:30 in June if I can but if not I still have 5 more months to train for Vegas and get faster.

Even though I am broke and unemployed, I reallyyyy want to buy a Garmin! I am thinking I should wait until I hear about the job though, then it could be more of a present to myself! Eeeeeeeeee, can't wait to share the good news with you guys in the near future!

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