Friday, May 14, 2010

Finals week

Finals week is in full force. Normally it is one of my least favorite weeks of the semester due to the lack of sleep, over caffeinated self, and endless studying, but this week is bittersweet since it is my last finals week ever. I actually started to cry about this yesterday after I saw the SDSU sign that read "SDSU class of 2010 10,000 strong". Pretty pathetic, I know. I was soon put in a good mood when Linzay and I attended the school sponsored study break last night which consisted of free snacks, free hot breakfast, a DJ, and a raffle! We love free food and Linzay even won a $45 best buy gift card! I didn't win anything but got 3 loafs of leftover bread from the breakfast which is pretty cool if you ask me! So far i've had 3 finals, I have 2 more next week and 2 papers due. I'll be done on Wednesday and graduation is Saturday! I can't believe how close it is!! Im so excited to see all my family and celebrate. I'm even more excited for the even bigger celebration that will take place in Vegas the following weekend! Wish me luck on the rest of my finals!

(And there are only 99 days to Germany, yippie!!!)

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