Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello blogging world!

So I'm happy to say I have officially entered the blogging world. Being a Media Studies student I felt I needed one and I have always wanted one but have never known what to write. My reason now you ask? The adventure of college graduation and post-grad life (scary thought). Graduation is fastly approaching, May 22nd at 12:30pm to be exact and that is in 37 short days! Eek! I honestly cannot believe that my four collegiate years are coming to an end. I feel extremely fortunate for the past four amazing years. Starting off college in the beautiful Santa Barbara was ridiculously amazing. Not to mention the unique opportunity of living on the lovely Del Playa Drive which just happens to be situated on a cliff right over the pacific ocean, breathtaking to say the least. My past two years in San Diego have been great as well, the transition was fairly easy(besides learning how to navigate the 9346781234578 freeways they have here in SD0 especially after joining my sorority, Delta Gamma. Joining a sorority was a decision I will never regret with friends and memories that will last a lifetime. While graduation is a scary thought, I am ready for a new chapter in life. While I will miss the frat parties, my friends, DG, the wide acceptance of binge drinking, and maybe even school I know that the future only holds new, exciting experiences. I know these next 37 days are going to fly by. I am SO busy with school(19 units), work, DG, the pre-dental club, babysitting, and required volunteer hours I am honestly surprised I still have a social life or time to sleep. I know it will all pay off but the stress is really getting to me. I'm off to bed, I am volunteering at a dental expo tomorrow at the early hour of 7am!

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