Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello from Germany!

After all the waiting and excitement, I am FINALLY in Germany. It basically took FOREVER to get here. But definitely worth it. Liz and I got to SFO around 2ish on Saturday, no problems. We met 2 of the other camp a girls at the airport Ashley and Katie. Liz and actually ended up being randomly seated by Ashley which was cool since we could talk especially since the movie system wasn’t working on the plane for the first like 5 hours! The plane ride was long, we had dinner, some Spanish wine, finally got to watch a few movies and then we had breakfast even though is was about 2am CA time and none of us could sleep at all.

Then we had our 6 hour layover in London which is a huge airport with tons of stores like Gucci, Prada, and Tiffany. It was really weird. We pretty much just laid on the chairs and tried to sleep while we were there.

Then we had a short 1 and a half hour flight to Frankfurt which was fine. After our flight we couldn’t find one of the other camp a girls and we didn’t up leaving the airport till like 9:30pm even though our flight got in at 7:20. Once we got outside it was pouring and dark. Then we had to pick up our PC’s rental car and get gas. It seemed like we were never going to get to base. We finally got to base around 11:30 we met our Point of Contact who showed us our apartments and told us she would meet us at 9am the next day. Our apartment is pretty nice we have tons of things and appliances and a washer and dryer. Liz and are sharing a room, our bed sheets are pretty gross though so we’re thinking we will have to go buy some new ones. Here are some pictures from the trip and at the airport.

Today we got our base id’s and then went to the German grocery store which was quite the adventure. It was really hard to figure out what certain things were and how many calories and fat were in things. Hopefully grocery shopping will get easier as we go along. I’m really hoping though someone at work will offer to take us to the commissary on base which is way cheaper and it is mostly American food. We start training tomorrow so hopefully that goes well! Miss everyone and can’t wait for the adventures to come.

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