Tuesday, June 8, 2010

iPhone 4 craze

Image from apple.com

Ever since I got my first MacBook my sophomore year of college, I have been hooked on Apple products. I have bought iPods, iPhone, and recently my Mom graciously bought my a beautiful MacBook Pro for graduation, let just say I am obsessed. I have been anticipating the release of iPhone 4 and couldn't have been more thrilled when Steve Jobs unveiled it yesterday at WWDC. While I admit I wasn't a huge fan of the new design when Gizmodo leaked the phone prototype, it has now grown on me. Some of my favorite new features include:
-FaceTime built in video calling
-HD video camera
-Front facing camera and a LED flash on the back camera, updated to 5 megapixels
-Longer battery life, 40% more talk time
-Stainless steel and custom glass body (hopefully shatter proof)
-New retina display

There will also now be a Farmville app, while I have quit playing, I may have to start all over since now I will be able to harvest where ever I go. No more withered crops. Make fun of me all you want, it's a pointless game, but can be quite addicting.

Pre-order starts the 15th and the release date is set for June 24th. $199 for 16GB model and $299 for 32GB.

I am beyond ecstatic, since a few months ago months ago I killed my iPhone by shattering it twice, which ultimately caused the home button to stop working. Then making the phone pretty much un-usable. I was smart not to jump and buy I new one, since I knew all the rumors were floating around about the new iPhone this June. I'm glad I waited, I know I will be pre ordering on the 15th but I haven't yet decided if I will be driving to the Apple store early morning on the 24th, or having it shipped. Since the nearest Apple store is an hour away and I have work at noon that day, I'm thinking getting it shipped might be the only option.

The video on the Apple website is pretty neat and showcases all it's new features, check it out.

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