Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still in the United States

Unfortunately I have not yet left for Germany. Due to some unexplained reasons, something to do with military contracts I am not leaving now till Sept 11. Yes. I have the bad fortune on flying on Sept 11 (or good if you think of all the heightened security.) I was very bitter about my delayed flight especially since I found out FIVE days before I was originally supposed to leave. I was all packed, and all ready. Oh well. So now I have 18 more days in Napa without a job... I've scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out this Saturday but besides that and working out like crazy, I have no plans.

An upside though was since I didn't leave on Sunday, Liz and I were able to join my sister and some friends for a camping trip in Yosemite. We had so much fun! I use to go to the park a lot when I was young and it was so exciting to go back. It definitely needs to become an annual trip! While there I hiked Upper Yosemite falls a.k.a the death march! It was so hard but worth it in the end. We played some beer pong, ate smores, star gazed and even saw a bear every day of the trip. It was a great trip that won't soon be forgotten! My favorite memory was being woken up at 2am to a lady running after a bear screaming "get outta here bear!!" We all laughed about it the entire trip!

Here are some pictures from the trip

Yosemite falls (barely any water left) where we hiked all 4,700 feet up

Liz and I with half dome in the background

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